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AMBEST print advertising and chemigraphy studio is a company with a tradition of over 70 years. Founded in the 1930’s, it was first known as “Foto-Slonce”. In 1945 it was the first photography studio in post-war Wroclaw.
Our company profile and offer has significantly evolved. At first “Foto-Slonce” was exclusively a photography studio (professional and amateur photos, photocopies and reproductions). In the 1940s the offer extended to the production of postcards, chemigraphy, and ceramic prints.
xCurrently our company provides chemigraphy services (laser and chemical engraving) and print advertising.
We offer:
CO2 laser engraving (this technique is ideally suited for engraving on laminates, plexiglass, anodized aluminum, glass, wood),
Fiber laser engraving marked in acid-proof steel, tempered steel, brass. This laser is suited for engraving on cylindrical objects.
Both these lasers are suited for: name plates in all materials (we custom make for individual clients), identification tags, company signs, front plates, and EU certified measuring strips.
Our products are favoured for their high quality and durability against atmospheric conditions and scratching.
We guarantee satisfaction with our products and use a Quality Management System PN-EN ISO 9001:2009. See our full list of services below

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